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"Blue G" aka Panoche Hills Gem Lawsonite

From the Panoche Hills of Central California ...

Blue G has been identified!
Scroll down for details ...

"Blue Granite" style Blue G sphere, By Monica Travis, Rockhound Field Trip Fanatics!


The Beauty of Panoche Hills Blue G!

Hand-2-Mouth Mining is proud to bring you
this unusual lapidary grade primary Lawsonite rock.


At 7.5 to 8 Mohs scale, it's
hard & tougher than jadeite. It cuts easily & evenly, taking a great polish,
and can be under-polished for a velvet look. No two boulders are alike, creating an endless variety of patterns. Some feature dendrites of manganese & iron oxides, chartreuse clays and black amphibole inclusions.
Attractive blue silica fills cracks left by the violent tectonic forces of its creation. 

Best of all, Blue G™ has proven to be impervious to skin oils, household chemicals and UV fading.

The GIA Identification Report has arrived! 
On 12/10/2012, I had the pleasure of publishing the results from 
the submission of two (2) pieces of "Top" grade Blue G for a shared Identification Report. The results were surprising and satisfying.

When I found my first Blue G nodules, elder members of the local Club told me they used to cut "that ugly rock," but it was "just diabase." Now, I'm by no means a geologist, but over a decade of researching geological and petrological reports of the Panoche Hills of Fresno County, CA had never turned up a mention of a diabase occurrence.

It turned out that the assumed identification of Blue G as diabase was widespread, and several self described "old-timers" were quite perturbed when I dared disagree with them on its identity at the 2010 Snyder's Pow-Wow.
When I showed them the mineral data on diabase that was found on the Internet, the were at a loss to explain the differences from Blue G and left in a huff, muttering something about "greenhorn kids."

For a time, it looked like Blue G might be glaucophane. One of my field trip friends, Glenn Salt, used his knowledge of geology and found that Glaucophane Ridge was directly to the west of the discovery area.
A flurry of research ensued, finding that assumption to be flawed. Blue G was too hard! 

During most of 2012, we hoped that Blue G would be proven to be jadeite or something similar, and in October, it was finally submitted to the GIA. Sample "A" was from a nodule of Top grade "Delft Blue" style, sample "B" was from the my original discovery nodule, the best "Robin's Egg" Blue G I've ever seen.

BlueG, GIA

"It's Lawsonite! What the heck is Lawsonite?" was my befuddled response. Thankfully, there's plenty of information on Lawsonite on the Internet, with a great Java 3d app at the Webmineral page. For those who wish more background and explanation of Lawsonite, this Wikipedia page has good information.

I'm looking forward to having more research performed on what we now call "Blue G, Panoche Hills Gem Lawsonite."
There are lots of questions about its metamorphosis, exactly how the Lawsonite is prevented from dehydrating into Anorthite feldspar (more on my theories of it's metamorphosis can be found elsewhere,) and such.

For those who might enjoy reading my now embarrassingly ebullient announcement, here 'tiz!
1.6 MB


More Info On Blue G - Grading, Cutting Tips, Theories of Formation, etc. 
Blue G cubes for sphere makers!

Top gem Robin's Egg style Blue G.

Blue G™Select Slabs - "A" grade

Hand slabbed and drop tested for maximum cutting yield, our Blue G™ slabs will produce lovely cabochons, beads & sculptures for every lapidary skill level. Try the New Blue!
Try our Blue G™ Slab Sampler 
8 ozs. of single cab sized Blue G™ slabs 
for a bargain $5, with FREE SHIPPING!
*Sorry, only one per customer, please!*

*Click the drop down menu for size options*

Sizes, with FREE SHIPPING!

Blue G™Select Nodules - "A" grade
We hand select our finest nodules from our tons of rough,
assuring you the best of this dense blue material.

A grade nodules and chunks up to
5"/ 15+ pounds can be included in Medium & Large Priority Flat Rate Boxes at customers request.
All nodules are, at the very least, windowed to assure quality and pattern.
Small FR Boxes will include nodule chunks and thick slabs,
trimmed for maximum yield.

Sizes & Prices of Blue G Flat Rate Boxes


"Blue Granite" Cubes!

Now sphere makers can enjoy the beauty and workability of
Panoche Hills Blue G in ready to trim cubes for sphere making.

"Blue Granite" Blue G cubes are currently available in sizes up to 2.5 inches,
and are the best way to assure your Blue G spheres are fracture free!

$12 per pound + shipping
(2.5" cube pictured above averages 1 pound)

Email your inquiries and orders, please.

The different moods of Blue G

These are only a few of the countless styles available to the artisan who works Blue G.
See the Galleries page for more!


Blue G Boulders
 for sphere making, carving and other lapidary uses

With the solid workability of jadeite, Blue G adds another dimension for the lover of blue gems!
We have tons of Blue G boulders, some in sizes exceeding 80 pounds!
See our eBay Store for current boulder offerings.

Blue G boulders start at $3 USD per pound, with wholesale/quantity discounts available.

Want more information on Blue G boulders?
Email your inquiries and orders, please.
For more info on Panoche Hills Gem Lawsonite, read our
Blue G Grading, Facts & Cutting Tips

We welcome your comments on cutting and polishing Blue G, so feel free to
Email us your Blue G lapidary observations, inquiries and orders, please!

International orders: Please email us before ordering.
Include your shipping address, email address for PayPal invoicing and phone number for Customs Forms.
This is guaranteed to save you (and us!) time and frustration, and will make us all look like geniuses!

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